Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau met with Directors of UCMAO Foundation

On April 8th, 2022 UCMAO Foundation directors Tetiana Paratchuk & Marta Polovka met with Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau to discuss the urgency of humanitarian aid to Ukraine. We discussed how we can coordinate our common efforts and how Canadian government can help UCMAO Foundation send more medical aid to Ukrainian hospitals that are so needed to save innocent lives.

Particular attention was payed to aid in funding of extreme medical needs for Ukrainian hospitals located in war zones. Many advantages came from Prime Minister Trudeau’s answer that UCMAO Foundation will continue to build forward.

We are grateful for the help The Government of Canada is providing and for the opportunity to work together. More aid is in the tunnels and more is being planned in the near future. More than anything we are grateful to all Canadians for all the support of our mission and others. We are grateful to everyone who is helping financially, physically, donating their time and efforts to help UCMAO Foundation achieve rapid results. Thankful to all who are not turning a blind eye to this crisis. Each day brings us closer to the victory. At UCMAO Foundation we make all the efforts to support Ukrainian healthcare functioning through this invasion. Together we can achieve extraordinary results. We stand strong with Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Canada.

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