This past weekend Centennial College & its leaders organized food drive for Ukraine in collaboration with Toronto Police Service partners from Divisions 41, 42, and 43 and Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association Foundation. UCMAO Foundation would like to thank Craig Stephenson, the President and CEO of Centennial College, Howie Page Chief Instructor and Fulltime Professor at Centennial College, Police Foundations Program, Retired Inspector at the Toronto Police Service, Michael Wood Full-time Professor at Centennial College, and current Toronto Fire Fighter for being such incredible leaders their community and college. The leadership skills they have shown their students can never be taught in the classrooms but only out in the fields, with real human connection and real help in a time of need. Special gratitude goes to Howie Page who spearheaded this entire Food Drive while celebrating his birthday on Sunday with all his students, colleagues, family and friends. The fact that he chose to do a kind and selfless act like that speaks volumes.

Over 143 Centennial College student volunteers showed up to help over this weekend and they were examples of incredible teamwork. As they collected, organized, packaged and delivered over 10,000 pounds of much needed food. Items which will be on a plane in the coming days and delivered to the Ukrainian men, women, and children in need as well as a portion remaining directly in the Greater Toronto Area for the Ukrainian refugees who are arriving with literally with the shirts on their backs.

We are extremely proud of our fellow Canadians for stepping up to help UKRAINIAN nation in time of extreme need. Without UKRAINIAN background or having any family ties everyone helped to make this weekend a success. Home Depot donated 2 skids of boxes that all the donations were packaged in, and numerous groceries stores in Scarborough donated food directly to the cause. UCMAO foundation beyond grateful to everyone that has volunteered their time, efforts, services and food donations. We are grateful to all The Centennial College volunteers, partners and community.

CENTENNIAL COLLEGE leaders and volunteer students that have participated in FOOD DRIVE FOR UKRAINE on March 26-27

Toronto Police Services Division 41 came to donate food

Toronto Police Services Division 42 & 43 TODD PARKER & PC SHAYNE & Colette Ainsworth from TEAM RUBIKN CANADA with our Directors Tatiana & Marta

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