Welcome to Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario (UCMAO)

⚠️ NB! At the moment, we respond to the situation in Ukraine to aid Ukrainians with medical and other healthcare needs. Fill out volunteer ingestion form if you’d like to join in our effort to help Ukrainians

Welcome to Ukrainian Canadian Medical Association of Ontario (UCMAO), branch of Ukrainian Canadian Congress Ontario Provincial Council.

UCMAO is a non-profit organization that serves the interests of Ukrainian Canadian Health Professionals. The Association is proud to advance the professional well being of our members and the health of the wider community.

Purpose of our organization

The purpose of the UCMAO is to provide benefits to its members through education guidance and information sharing with the goal of enhancing medical value offered to the community.
UCMAO’s mission is to help its members build a better future in the medical field.


  • Information access
  • Support
  • Protection
  • Better transparency
  • Statistics
  • Immigration
  • Study
  • Work/Residency/Co-op
  • Legal Aid
  • Government Support
  • Advertisement Support

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